Animal Life Cycles

caterpillar Animal life cycles
– contents: simple life cycle, amphibians, insects that undergo complete metamorphosis, insects that undergo incomplete metamorphosis, worksheets. From Kidzone

Butterfly life cycles
– images and video showing the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly. From The ButterflySite

Monarch butterfly
– images and information on life cycle. From Kidzone

Life cycle of a butterfly game
– drag the stages into the correct order. From Sheppard Software

Living Things

Animal classification
– basic traits for each class. From Kids Corner

Classifying animals video
– video from BrainPOP

Critter catalog
– characteristics of vertebrates and invertebrates . From BioKids

Mammal classification
– a simple classification and descriptions of mammals. From Enchanted Learning

Pond library
– information on Vertebrates, Invertebrates, Fish, Crustaceans, Arachnids, Insects, Amphibians,  Molluscs. Individual pond creatures searchable by initial letter of alphabet. From TgFL

Earth’s Rotation

A day on Earth   video
– Earth’s rotation on its axis causes regular changes including day and night and seasons. From Scholastic

– describes how sundials work. From National Museum Liverpool


Australian Plants

Australian native plant index Australian flowering plant
– list of plants by botanical name and common name. From OzNativePlants

Australian Native Plants Society
– photo gallery of Australian native plants

Plants A-Z
– information under the headings classification, growth and change, life cycle and environment. From NSW Education and Communities

Life Cycles

Animal life cycles video tadpoles
– video showing life cycles of different animals. From Sheppard Software

Life cycle of a frog
– images showing life cycle of a frog. From Australian Museum

Life cycle games and activities
– life cycle of plants. From Mandy Barrow, Woodlands Junior School


Living Things

Food chain
– description and examples of food chains. Games to consolidate understanding. From Sheppard Software

Producers, Consumers and Decomposers
– explanation of terms with game to consolidate understanding. From Sheppard Software

Relationships between Organisms
– describes four basic types of relationships that living things have with one another. From Biology4Kids

Rock Cycle

Fun Rock Cycle Facts for Kids
– images and facts about the rock cycle. From East Science For Kids

Hard as a Rock
– links to resources on rocks and minerals. From Dragon’s Den Curriculum

Rock Cycle
– illustration of the rock cycle as well as information on igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. From Mineralogical Society of America

Rock Cycle
– explanation of the rock cycle with diagram. From Wheeling Jesuit University

Rocks and Minerals
– describes different types of rocks, the rock cycle and gemstones. From OneGeology Kids

Rocks and the Rock Cycle
– information about rocks and the rock cycle. From Ducksters

Types of Rocks
– games and activities, pictures and videos. From NeoK12 Education

Weathering and Erosion

– causes and control of erosion. From Ducksters

Erosion in Australia
– describes types of soil erosion. From Kidcyber

What is the difference between weathering and erosion?
– with photographs to illustrate concepts. From Virginia Department of Education

Weathering and Erosion
– an introduction to erosion. From Geology for Kids


Image Reference:
Kimmel, B 2012, Agalychnis callidryas tadpoles, Photograph, Wikimedia Commons, accessed 21 June 2013, <>, Creative Commons license: <>.

Animal and Plant Adaptations

– resources on plants and animal adaptations for survival in different environments



Formation of shadows
– explanation with diagram. From Science Class Online

– interactive learning websites on light and shadows. Created by Karen Ogen

– information, games and quiz from Bitesize Science, BBC

– explanation and diagrams of light and shadows. From Cyberphysics

Solar System

Our solar system: inner planets
– slideshow from Scholastic

Our solar system: the outer planets
– slideshow from Scholastic

Solar System
– information and images of the sun, planets and dwarf planets, moon, asteroid belt, meteoroids and comets. From NASA

Solar System

Extreme Habitats

Adapted to extremes
– animals that are tolerant to altitude, chemicals, cold, dry, fire and heat. From BBC Nature

Antarctic wildlife 
– information on animals, plants and microscopic organisms of the Antartic. From Australian Antarctic Division

Antarctica: animals
– includes penguins, seals, whales, krill, birds. From Paul Ward, Cool Antarctica

Desert animals
– adaptations and information on desert mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians. From The Living Desert Zoo and Botanical Garden


Natural Disasters

volcanoAnatomy of a tsunami
– animation of the 2004 tsunami. From NOVA

– natural disasters in Australia. Includes droughts, heatwaves, floods, cyclones with useful links. From Australian Government

Disaster resilient Australia
– information on floods, bushfire, drought, cyclone, earthquake, severe storm, tsunami, heatwave, pandemic, volcano, climate change,  landslide. Includes real life stories, ways to be prepared, people who can help. From Australia Emergency Management Institute

Earthquakes mapped
– map showing earthquakes since 1898, by magnitude, the map pinpoints the Ring of Fire. From The Advertiser

Emergency management
– management of risk to community and environment. Topics: Prevention and mitigation, Preparedness, Response, Response. From Geoscience Australia

– learn more about bushfires, cyclones, earthquakes, floods, landslides, severe weather, tsunami, volcanoes. From Geoscience Australia

Severe Weather Services and disaster  mitigation
– includes information on severe weather, thunderstorms, tropical cyclones, bushfires, tsunami, disaster mitigation. From Bureau of Meteorology

Tohoku, Japan earthquake and tsunami 2011
– photographs and video. From Catherine Petroff, University of Washington

Digital Curriculum Resources
National Digital Learning Resource Network
– selection of digital curriculum resources that are aligned to the Science subject area of the Australian Curriculum. Search for these resources using Scootle. From Education Services Australia



Teacher Resources

Australian Curriculum lessons
– lesson plans created by Australian teachers

ABC Spalsh
ABC Splash! Foundation – Year 6
– Watch, Listen, Play. Science resources to support the Australian Curriculum. From ABC

Teacher Resources

Earth Learning idea
– Earth related teaching ideas for Earth Science, Geology, Environmental Science, Physical Geography

P-10 Science Sample Assessments
– units of work and resources to support the Australian Science Curriculum. From Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority

ScienceWeb Australia
– units of work to support the Australian Curriculum: Science. From Australian Science Teachers Association