Animal Life Cycles

Animal life cycles
– contents: simple life cycle, amphibians, insects that undergo complete metamorphosis, insects that undergo incomplete metamorphosis, worksheets. From Kidzone

Butterfly life cycles
– images and video showing the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly. From The ButterflySite

Monarch butterfly
– images and information on life cycle. From Kidzone


monarch butterfly caterpillar

Ktheaker 2020Monarch butterfly caterpillarPhotographPixabay, viewed 25 April 2021, <>.

Living Things

Animal classification
– basic traits for each class. From Kids Corner

Animal types
– definition of each animal type with animal examples and information. From National Geographic Kids

Mammal classification
– a simple classification and descriptions of mammals. From Enchanted Learning

Earth’s Rotation

A day on Earth   video
– Earth’s rotation on its axis causes regular changes including day and night and seasons. From Scholastic

Earth’s rotation
– explains Earth’s rotation on its axis. From K8School

Encyclopedia Britannica
Encyclopedia Britannica
Australian Plants

Australian native plant index
– list of plants by botanical name and common name. From OzNativePlants

Life Cycles

Animal life cycles video
– video showing life cycles of different animals. From Sheppard Software

Life cycle of a frog
– explanation and images showing life cycle of a frog. From National Geographic Kids

Living Things

Food chain
– description and examples of food chains. Games to consolidate understanding. From Sheppard Software

Producers, Consumers and Decomposers
– explanation of terms with game to consolidate understanding. From Sheppard Software

Rock Cycle

Fun Rock Cycle Facts for Kids
– images and facts about the rock cycle. From East Science For Kids

Rocks and the Rock Cycle
– information about rocks and the rock cycle. From Ducksters

Weathering and Erosion

– causes and control of erosion. From Ducksters

What is the difference between weathering and erosion?
– with photographs to illustrate concepts. From Virginia Department of Education


Erosion 2013PhotographPixabay, viewed 26 April 2021, <>.

Animal and Plant Adaptations

– resources on plants and animal adaptations for survival in different environments


– explanation and diagrams of light and shadows. From Cyberphysics

Solar System

Our solar system: inner planets
– slideshow from Scholastic

Our solar system: the outer planets
– slideshow from Scholastic

Solar System
– information and images of the sun, planets and dwarf planets, moon, asteroid belt, meteoroids and comets. From NASA


Bennilover 2017ShadowsPhotographFlickr, viewed 27 April 2021, <>, Creative Commons license: <>.

Preat, G 2015PlanetsPhotographPixabay, viewed 26 April 2021, <>.

Extreme Habitats

Antarctica: animals
– includes penguins, seals, whales, krill, birds. From Paul Ward, Cool Antarctica

Desert animals
– adaptations and information on desert mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians. From The Living Desert Zoo and Botanical Garden

Natural Disasters

Anatomy of a tsunami
– animation of the 2004 tsunami. From NOVA

tsunami sign


Scym 2014Tsunami signPhotographPixabay, viewed 26 April 2021, <>.

Teacher Resources

Australian Curriculum lessons
– lesson plans created by Australian teachers

Teacher Resources

P-10 Science Sample Assessments
– units of work and resources to support the Australian Science Curriculum. From Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority