Free Physics Textbooks

Free online physics textbooks
– free open textbooks written by knowledgeable scholars. From Open Culture

Physics Links

PhET interactive simulations
– physics simulations from University of Colorado

Physclips: a multimedia resource
– topics: Constant acceleration, Projectiles, Circular motion, Simple harmonic motion, Newton’s laws, Weight and contact forces, Energy and power, Centre of mass, Momentum, Rotation, Gravity, Relativity. From University of NSW

– a wide range of Physics topics covered. From ThoughtCo.

Royal Institution video
– talks showcasing cutting-edge research, intelligent debate and the leading thinkers in science, technology, maths and engineering. From YouTube

Physics Links
Physics Links

Bitesize: Physics
– a website set up to help British students with school work and exam revision. This is a very useful website to explore as many of the same topics are studied here. Video clips are not available. From BBC

Explain that Stuff
– an excellent educational website which has many easy-to-understand science articles. Created by Chris Woodford

Khan Academy – Physicsvideo
– video tutorials explaining concepts in physics

Online Database
Science Reference Centre
Full text newspaper and reference articles, video, images, animations, experiments and biographies
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Gale Non Fiction eBooks
Gale Non-Fiction eBooks


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