Geography Links

Australian Bureau of Statistics
– data searchable by theme

– information about each of the world’s biomes. From Blue Planet Biomes

Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
– topics include Coasts, Fire management, Native vegetation, Ecosystem conservation, Green Adelaide, Project Coorong, River Murray, Water and more. From Government of South Australia

– identifies misconceptions about important global trends and uses reliable data to rid people of their misconceptions.

Geography Links

Geoscience Australia
– geoscientific data and information including: Energy, Greenhouse gas storage, Groundwater, Hazards, Marine and coastal, Minerals, Topographic mapping

Geographies of human wellbeing
– topics: What is wellbeing? — Empowering women and girls– Population, poverty and human wellbeing — Disease: HIV/AIDS — Human wellbeing student inquiry. From Global Learning

Population Reference Bureau
– reports on a range of topics, publications and multimedia

Water Footprint
– looks at water usage and the idea of water footprint. From Water Footprint Network

Encyclopedia Britannica
Encyclopedia Britannica
Encyclopedia Britannica
Online Databases
Online databases
Non Fiction eBooks
Gale Virtual Reference Library
Gale Non-Fiction eBooks
Maps and Mapping

Google Maps Education
– provides resources to help teachers and students explore, create, and collaborate with mapping tools

Google Maps Streetview
– explore places around the world using Google Maps

Cyclone Debbie
Maps and Mapping

Maps and 3D models
– from Geoscience Australia

Maps of Australia
– from Geoscience Australia

South Australia Atlas
– maps and geographic information about South Australia in an interactive atlas format. From Government of South Australia

World geography map
– shows the distribution of the earth’s natural landforms on the surface of the globe. From Maps of World

World mapping
– from Holt, Rinehart and Winston


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