Biology Links

– a wide range of Biology topics covered as well as experiments and teacher resources. From ThoughtCo.

Biology video tutorials video
– from Khan Academy

– DNA and gene basics, DNA to protein, Heredity and traits, Variation, selection and time, Build a DNA molecule. From University of Utah

Biology Links

Online biology dictionary
– definitions of biology terms. From Biology Online

– useful information on many biology topics. Created by a community of science teachers

Science Media Centre
– source of opinions from local experts on topical science-related issues. From  Royal Society of New Zealand

Infectious Diseases

World Health Organisation (WHO)
– gives an overview of the disease, symptoms and treatment. Includes factsheets, databases – number of recorded cases, initiatives and WHO resolutions

Online Databases
Science Reference Centre
Full text newspaper and reference articles, video, images, animations, experiments and biographies
Non Fiction eBooks
Gale Virtual Reference Library
Gale Non-Fiction eBooks


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