Biology Links

– a wide range of Biology topics covered as well as experiments and teacher resources. From ThoughtCo.

Biology video tutorials video
– from Khan Academy

DNA from the beginning
– 75 experiments that made modern genetics. From Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

– DNA and gene basics, DNA to protein, Heredity and traits, Variation, selection and time, Build a DNA molecule. From University of Utah

Biology Links

Online biology dictionary
– definitions of biology terms. From Biology Online

– useful information on many biology topics. Created by a community of science teachers

Science Media Centre
– source of opinions from local experts on topical science-related issues. From  Royal Society of New Zealand

Infectious Diseases

World Health Organisation (WHO)
– gives an overview of the disease, symptoms and treatment. Includes factsheets, databases – number of recorded cases, initiatives and WHO resolutions

Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)
– information on a range of infectious diseases

Online Database

Science Reference Centre
Full text newspaper and reference articles, video, images, animations, experiments and biographies


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