Chemistry Links

– a wide range of Chemistry topics covered as well as experiments and teacher resources. From ThoughtCo.

Chemistry: Bitesize
– a website set up to help British students with school work and exam revision. This is a very useful website to explore as many of the same topics are studied here. Video clips are not available. From BBC

Chemicool Periodic Table
– periodic table with links to elements

Chemistry video tutorials video
– from Khan Academy

Crashcourse Chemistry

Hank Green teaches you Chemistry.

Chemistry Links


General Chemical Glossary
– browse alphabetically. From Cengage Learning

Introduction to Chemistry animations
– animations to illustrate many Chemistry concepts. From Mark Bishop

PhET interactive simulations
– physics simulations from University of Colorado

Webelements Periodic Table
– periodic table with links to elements. From Mark Winter, University of Sheffield

Free Chemistry Textbooks

Free online chemistry textbooks
– free open textbooks written by knowledgeable scholars. From Open Culture

Online Databases
Science Reference Centre
Full text newspaper and reference articles, video, images, animations, experiments and biographies
Non Fiction eBooks
Gale Non Fiction eBooks
Gale Non-Fiction eBooks


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