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Cfitzart 2005National Portrait gallery old parliament house in CanberraphotographWikimedia Commons, viewed 27 April 2019, <,_Canberra>, Creative Commons license: <>.

Cornejo, E 2007Interior of the Solomon Guggenheim MuseumphotographWikimedia Commons, viewed 27 April 2019, <>, Creative Commons license: <>.

Herryway 2013LouvrephotographPixabay, viewed 27 April 2019, <>, Creative Commons license: <>.

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Tiwi Island Arts

Bima Wear
– traditional Aboriginal art and fabrics from the women of Bathurst Ilsand

Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander textiles
– from the Powerhouse Museum

Tiwi Design
– examples of Tiwi textile designs. Information about the Tiwiw Islands, traditions, arts and ceremonies

Australian Designers

Sourcing the muse
– journeys of eight Australian fashion designers from inspiration to creation. From Powerhouse Museum

Akira Isowaga
– includes biography, philosophy and chronology of career, collections

Alannah Hill Designs
– links to biography, boutiques, collections

Alexander Lotersztain
– profile and designs

– about Rina Bernabei and Kelly Freeman, exhibitions, products and projects

Brian Steendyk
– architecture, product design, landscape, interior and urban design

Charles Wilson
– profile and designs. From Living Edge

F!nk and Co
– information on the design company and links to products including descriptions

Australian Designers

Khai Liew
– profile and furniture designs

Korban Flaubert
– profile and products

Nicola Cerini
– includes profile, handbag designs

Preston Zly Design
– handmade designer shoes and boots

Prue Venables
– includes profile, ceramics, metalwork and jewellery, writing, teaching, events and exhibitions

– story behind the label. Collections

Stefan Lie
– biography and examples of furniture, objects, jewelry and exhibitions. From DesignByThem

Vixen Australia
– fashion and textile designer