Maths links

A maths dictionary for kids
– definitions and examples by Jenny Eather

Interactive maths games and activities
– created by Mandy Barrow, Maths Zone

Interactive sites for Education
– interactive activities organised under maths topics. Created by Karen Ogen

IXL Maths practice
– preschool – Year 9. Aligned to the Australian Curriculum. From IXL Learning


Angle Kung Fu
– use your Ninja powers to work out the angle. From BBC

Mr Pip’s fruit balance
– drag and drop balance scales with open ended activities. From Crickweb

Teaching measures
– Length, Mass, Capacity activities. Created by Mark Cogan

What’s my angle?
– investigating angles and the use of protractors


Australian banknotes
– from Reserve Bank of Australia

Change maker
– calculate change. 4 levels of difficulty. From FunBrain


– activities in telling the time. Offers 3 levels of difficulty. From BBC

Hickory dickory clock
– match the time activity. Developed by J Barrett

Stop the clock
– match the analogue and digital times. 5 minute intervals. From Oswego City School


Billy Bug
– grid coordinate activity. From Oswego City School District

Hidden ships
– coordinates game. From SumsOnline

2D and 3D Shapes

3D shapes
– match the shapes. From Primary Resources

– 2D and 3D shapes. From BBC

Maths games – Shapes
– interactive maths games and activities. Created by Mandy Barrow. Woodlands Junior School, UK

Sorting 3D shapes
– sort by categories. From Primary resources


Symmetry Puzzle Games
– how many lines of symmetry? From Topmarks


Kids Tangrams
– solve Tangram puzzles. From ABCya

– make your own shapes. From Crickweb


Academic Skill Builders
– games to practise addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction and ratio

Maths Playground
– games to practice multiplication, division, fraction, decimal, ratio, addition and subtraction

– times tables practice. From Crickweb

Woodlands Maths Zone
– activities on number skills, maths investigations, shape,space and measurement skills – 7-11 year old


Manny’s Rumba
– base 10 interactive activities. From learningBox

Place value
– place value tutorials and activities. From Sheppard Software

Place value charts
– activities to practise understanding of how numbers are made up. From Topmarks


Place Valuescalculator
– organised by year levels and skills that cover skills that cover place value. From IXL Learning

Digital Curriculum Resources
National Digital Learning Resource Network
– selection of digital curriculum resources that are aligned to the Mathematics subject area of the Australian Curriculum. Search for these resources using Scootle. From Education Services Australia



Teacher Resources

ABC Splash! 

– Watch, Listen, Play. Maths resources to support the Australian Curriculum

ABC Spalsh

Teacher Resources

Australian Curriculum: Mathematics
– from ACARA

P-10 Mathematics Sample Assessments
– units of work and resources to support the Australian Mathematics Curriculum. From Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority