Christianity Links


Christian denominations
– history of Christian denominations. From ReligionFacts

Christian denominations flow chart
– chart outlining different denominations within Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican and Protestant churches. From Macaulay Honors College

Christianity at a glance
– topics include: Beliefs – History – Holy days – Rites and rituals – Subdivisions of the Christian Church – Saint – Ethics – Music – Prayer – Important people – Symbols – Priests, Monks, Nuns – The Pope – Women and the church. From BBC

Religious facts: Christianity
– Christian history – Sacred texts – Denominations – Rituals & practices – Holidays – People – Symbols. From ReligionFacts

Other Religions

A-Z religion index
– information on major world religions, from ancient faiths to new religious movements. From ReligionFacts

Big religion comparison charts
– charts comparing different religions- Beliefs – Practices – Positions on social and ethical issues. From ReligionFacts

Just the facts on the main religions
– summary of the major religions. From ReligionFacts

Religion flow chart
– visual representation of the denominations within the major religions and the beliefs of each. From Macaulay Honors College

Ecological Conversion


Australian Sustainable School Initiative – South Australia (AuSSI-SA)
sustainability– focus on sustainability (an Australian Curriculum ‘Cross-curriculum priority’), supporting student and community learning to create more sustainable lifestyles

CESA Online ‘Ecological Sustainability’ collection
– in CESA Services

Marine Discovery Centre, Henley Beach
– aim is to encourage an appreciation and understanding of Marine life with a view to promoting conservation and sustainable use

NRM Education
– works with your school community to plan and manage ongoing sustainability initiatives. Provides opportunities for students to take action on local environmental issues that will lead to improved educational and environmental outcomes linked to the Australian Curriculum

On Holy Ground
– an ecological vision for Catholic Education in South Australia

Trees for Life
– provide education and opportunities to do something practical to improve their local natural environment

Ecological Conversion


Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative
– partnership of the Australian Government and the states and territories that seeks to support schools and their communities to become sustainable

Catholic Earthcare Australia
– mission is to help promote understanding among people that Creation is sacred and endangered and must be protected and sustained for present and future generations yet unborn

Eco Education Ministry
– Eco Connections is a unique educational and reflective resource that connects ecology and Christian Spirituality

Educating for a sustainable future
– a National Environmental Education Statement for Australian Schools

Sustainability Curriculum Framework: A guide for curriculum developers and policy makers
– the document provides information and guidance to curriculum developers and policy makers on how education for sustainability may be effectively incorporated into curriculum


Education for sustainable development
– from UNESCO

Jane Goodall’s Roots and shoots
– provides young people with the knowledge, tools and hopeful inspiration to improve the environment and the quality of life for people and animals

Teacher Resources

Australian Human Rights Commission
– information and resources for teachers

Australian Story video
– Some meaning in this life – Belinda Emmett. From ABC Television

Australian Story video
– Africa calling – Gemma Sisia. From ABC Television

Daily Prayer Online
– from Jesuit Communications

Digital prayer
– bank of resources for integrating prayer using digital technologies. Created by Joanne Villis and Jacinta Astachnowicz

Global Education
– teacher resources to raise awareness and understanding of international issues, development and poverty

History of St Aloysius College

Teacher Resources

– resources under the headings of: Leading, Learning, Knowing, Assessing, Supporting

Religious Education Framework
– for South Australian Catholic Schools

Made in the Image of God resources
– from Catholic Education South Australia

Together at one altar – F-12
– resource for school aged children in years F-12 in Australia to develop their formation in the Eucharist and assist their full, active and conscious participation in the Eucharist. From National Catholic Education Commission

World Food Program
– classroom resources to teach about hunger