Medieval Europe

Domesday Book
– frequently asked questions about the Domesday Book, commissioned by William the Conqueror in 1086. From The Domesday Book Online

Magna Carta
– how and why the Magna Carta was written, background of the times, view the document. From British Library

Map of Medieval Europe
– historical Map of Medieval Europe in the 13th Century. From Emerson Kent

Medieval life

Feudalism and Medieval life
– topics include: Feudal life, Manors,  Peasant’s life. From Britain Express.

Living in the Middle Ages
– topics include: feudal life, religion, homes clothing health, arts and entertainment and town life in the Middle Ages. From Annenberg Learners

Medieval England
– links to information about Medieval life including: kings, peasants, masons, nuns, women, education, medicine and medieval names. From History Learning Site

Medieval Era Research
– links to information about life in the medieval period including musicians, nuns, monks, knights, women, minstrels, musicians, education and medicine. From Michele Sinclair

Medieval jobs
– description of a range of jobs and occupations in Medieval times. Detailed information on Lord and Lady of the Manor, Blacksmith. From Medieval Life and Times

Medieval life
– includes Feudal System, Country and Town life, Religious life, Law and Punishment, Industry and Trading, Architecture, Black Death, Clothing, Education, Transport, Medicine, Music, Art, Games and Festivals. From TimeRef

Middle Ages
– topics include: People, Cities, buildings & money, War, torture & criminals, Lifestyle, culture & society, Law & government, Events & advancements, Sports, activities & entertainment, Work & education, Religion, Art, music & dance. From The Finer Times

Middle Ages
– print and video resources from ABC Education

Middle Ages: a comprehensive overview of Europe, 500-1500
– topics include Feudalism, Crime and punishment, Housing, Clothing, Castles, Farming, Food, Medieval towns and villages, Medicine, Bubonic plague. From History on the Net

Medieval Life

Middle Ages for kids
– aspects of life in medieval Europe. Includes: Peasants and serfs, Nobles, Lord and Lady of the Manor, Knights, Clothing and jewellery. From Mr Donn

Names in the middle ages
– list of popular men’s and women’s names. From

People of the Middle Ages
– description of different occupations in medieval times. From

Superstitions in Medieval times
– some common superstitions with explanations. From Bright Hub Education

Crime and Punishment

gallowsLaw and order in the Middle Ages
– descriptions of punishment for crimes. From Medievality

Rough justice in medieval Europe video
– our legal system is quite different to the one that was practised in Medieval Europe, where trials by combat or ordeal were not uncommon. From ABC Education

Crime and Punishment: Primary Sources

Crime and punishment
– description of crimes and the types of punishments inflicted. Includes primary source descriptions. From the Powys County Archives

Crime and punishment
– covers time periods: before 1450, 1450-1750, 1750-1900, 20th Century. Primary source examples included. From The National Archives

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