School Uniforms

Early Years

In the early years of the College, no official uniform existed. Students wore whatever their parents though appropriate or affordable.

Early 1900s

In the early part of the 20th century, the boarders were expected to dress in a certain way. The daily uniform consisted of a black velvet frock with a white collar and straw boater hat. On Sunday, the boarders wore white.


Uniforms began to evolve in the 1920s. The older girls wore calf-length navy skirts with a pale or white blouse and a tie. The younger girls wore a knee-length navy blue tunic with three box pleats, a shirt and tie. A navy blazer was a later addition.


The first official SAC uniform appeared in 1932. The fabric was woollen and fawn in colour, with fine pin stripes of the College colours, mauve, brown and gold. The blazer was accompanied by a three pleat style tunic, matching jumper and a white blouse with a striped tie in the school colours.  A velour hat with the crest woven into the hatband was also worn. Shoes and stockings were brown and gloves a light fawn. There was also a tweed overcoat that incorporated the school colours. To help protect their uniforms, the senior girls wore a ‘cross-over’ while at school, which operated as an effective apron. Junior girls wore a pinafore over their uniforms.

1957 - 1968

In 1957, a new school dress emerged, which was a mauve check, mid-length with three buttons at the front and a belt at the waist. It was lightweight for summer and came with a round straw hat. Gloves and heavyweight stockings with shoes remained part of the summer uniform, regardless of the weather. The 1932 winter uniform remained unchanged.


In 1967, business courses and matriculation classes changed to a smart new summer uniform that consisted of a white knee length dress together with a white jacket. In the winter of 1968, a new uniform of houndstooth material appeared, but it did not take on.

1968 - 1975

In the same year, a major overhaul of the winter uniform worn by most students took place. A knitted chocolate coloured woollen jacket replaced the old blazer, and a new fawn, check replaced the old tunic. Tie, hat and gloves were dispensed with. In the same year, the preceding summer uniform was replaced by a mauve dress, worn quite short and accompanied by a small matching hat that acted mainly as a fashion accessory.

1976 - 1983

In 1976, the existing summer uniform was replaced by a fitted purple dress with no insignia that was worn with Roman sandals.

The winter uniform remained the same.

1984 - 1996

In 1984, both summer and winter uniforms were changed. For the winter, a new dark chocolate blazer appeared together with a fawn box pleated and checked tunic. The preceding summer dress was replaced by a very light checked dress with no insignia.

1997 - 2007

In 1997, a new summer uniform appeared. The light checked dress was replaced by a wider purple check with front box pleats and was accompanied by a straw hat. In 2001, the school crest was added to the summer uniform.

The winter uniform remained the same.


The next major change took place in 2008 when both summer and winter uniforms were replaced. The summer uniform was replaced with a wide purple check dress, with white collar and sleeve trim and an embroidered College logo. A light grey bucket hat was worn in terms 1 and 4.

A chocolate brown, mauve and purple pinstripe tunic with a purple and white striped shirt was worn for winter. This was worn with a chocolate brown blazer with mauve and purple trim and the school monogram. A chocolate brown, long-sleeved jumper with the school logo could be worn under the blazer.