Music has always been an essential component of education. As such it has enjoyed a solid place in the education of young women at St Aloysius College. From the traditional classes in music, which encompass not just musical appreciation, but also the practical elements of knowing a crotchet from a quaver or a bass from a treble clef, the life of music at SAC has a rich heritage.

As the soundtrack of life, music at SAC has been the soundtrack to the school life of countless generations of students. Without music there would be no whole school productions or Spring Concerts or the opportunity for countless talented students to showcase their skills in school and community settings. School Masses are all the more memorable for the accompanying voices of the acapella group or the school choir and the many renditions of The Circle of Mercy, a song which has become the unofficial school anthem.

Carolyne Williams, 2023

(Catch 22 Performing at Balaklava 2023, St Aloysius College Archives)

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