Athletics Carnival

Sr Teresa Dunlevie introduced the annual Sports Day in the late 1930s. Sports Day (Athletics Carnival) is still one of the highlights of the school year where students can show off their athletic prowess or just participate for the fun of it.  

The early Sports Days were held in the Dunlevie courtyard with spectators on the top verandas, later moving to the new sports grounds on Wakefield Street. As the school grew, a larger venue was needed and over the following years it moved to various locations: Adelaide Oval, University Oval, Mercedes College Oval, CBC Oval, Rostrevor College Oval, Kensington Sports Field, Norwood Oval and eventually settling at Santos Stadium at Mile End.  

Many of the events have stood the test of time but the 1960s program shows curious events such as Senior Deportment Relay, Penny on a Knife, Revolving Frogs,  Horse and Rider and finishing off with a House March Past.

(House Captains 1943, St Aloysius College Archives)
(House Mascots 2018, St Aloysius College)

There has always been fierce competition between the houses of St Anne’s (purple), St Clare’s (white), St Margaret’s (yellow) and St Teresa’s (green). Prior to 1947, St Teresa’s was known as St Barbara’s. There have been many house mascots over the years, with the current mascots being: 

St Margaret’s – Dragon Mascot
It is said St Margaret was swallowed by a dragon, from which she escaped alive whilst holding the cross

St Clare’s – Bull Mascot
St Clare did not eat meat and is from Italy. The Maremmana Bull is native to Italy and doesn’t eat meat

St Teresa’s – Lion Mascot
St Teresa was known for being very courageous just like the lion

St Anne’s - Bird Mascot
St Anne always liked to pray while the birds sang 

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By Carol Grantham
St Aloysius College Archivist, 2023