Ancient Chinese Dynasties

Ancient China for kids
– describes the dynastic cycle and provides information on dynasties. From Lin Donn

Timeline of Chinese dynasties
– maps and information on Ancient Chinese dynasties. From Patricia Buckley Ebrey

Shang and Zhou Dynasties
– bronze age of China. From The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Chinese Emperors

Chinese emperors
– history of Ancient China’s Emperors and dynasties. From Absolute China Tours

Qin Shihuangdi
– contents: Rise to power — Ruling an empire — The image of a ruler — Life and legacy. From the British Museum

Terracotta Warriors

terracottaMausoleum of the first Qin Emperor
– description of this World Heritage site. Includes images, maps, video. From UNESCO

Terracotta Warriors video
– discovery of an entire army of terracotta warriors. The first emperor of China had them created and buried with him, to protect him in the afterlife. From National Geographic

Terracotta Warriors
– information on the Emperor Qin Shi Huang -Ying Zheng as well as a description and history of the Terracotta Warriors. From Global Mountain Summit