Biome summary
– an overview of the characteristics of different biomes (an ecological community of plants and animals living together in a particular climate). Links to adaptations of plants and animals found in each biome. From Wheeling Jesuit University

Biomes – Habitats
– description, location and animals of different biomes. Includes maps. From Enchanted Learning

Biomes: interactive
– interactive activities to find out more about biomes of the world. Created by Karen Ogden

Mission: Biomes
– investigate biomes and test your knowledge by completing the missions. From NASA

World biomes
– explanation of a biome with map showing biomes of the world. Created by Brynn Schaffner

World Biomes and ecosystems
– information on land and aquatic biomes. Includes maps. From Ducksters

Environmental adaptations

Animal adaptationsmeerkat video
– video showing physical and behavioural adaptations of animals to their environment. From Scholastic

Animal adaptations and survival
– adaptations of animals living in desert, tropical grasslands and Arctic conditions. Created by Mandy Barrow

Plant and animal adaptations video
– video showing physical and behavioural adaptations of plants and animals to their environment. FromWatchKnowLearn

What’s it like where you live?
– information on different biomes and the adaptations of plants and animals found there. From Missouri Botanical Garden

Coral Reefs
coral reef

Coral Reef biome facts
– characteristics of a coral reef biome. From Kids do Ecology

Great Barrier Reef Explorer
– search for information on plants and animals of the Great Barrier Reef. From ReefEd


Australian desert facts
– from Alice Springs Desert Park

Australian deserts
– Australian desert facts, size and location. From Outback Australia Travel Guide

Camel and body heat regulation
– camel adaptations for survival in a desert environment. From Expedition 360

Desert animals and plants
– animals and plants found in desert regions. From The Living Desert Zoo and Botanical Garden

Deserts video
– short video clips of deserts environments, plant and animal life. From NeoK-12 Education

– plant adaptations to survive in the Australian desert. From Expedition 360

Polar Regions

Antarctic animals – marine life and adaptations
– physical, functional and behavioural adaptations of animals to living in the Antarctic. From Cool Antarctica

Encyclopedia Britannica Online

Encyclopedia Britannica Online