General Information

Who migrated to the Australian colonies and why did they come?
– interactive activities to understand about the free migrants of the 1800s. From Australian History Mysteries (Password required – ask at library)

Afghan Cameleers

Australia’s Afghan cameleers
– history of the Afghan cameleers’ role in the opening of the outback. By Madison Snow, ABC News

Afghan cameleers
– Afghan cameleers in South Australia. From Adelaidia

Chinese Migrants

Chinatown Brisbane

Chinese migration
– history of Chinese migration to Australia in the 1800s. From ABC Education

Early Chinese migrants
– early Chinese contact with Australia. From National Museum Australia

German migrants

immigrantsHistory of Hahndorf
– includes maps. From Hahndorf Business and Tourism

– brief history of German settlement in Barossa Valley. From Historical Australian Towns

Japanese Migrants

Japanese pearlers
– monument to Japanese pearl divers who were drowned in a cyclone. Includes information about diving for pearls. From Monument Australia

– history of Japanese involvement in the pearling industry in Western Australia. From Library and Information Service of Western Australia

Pacific Islander Migrants

History of the sugar industry
– history of the role of the South Sea Islanders in the Queensland sugar industry. From Australia Sugar Heritage Centre

Sugar slaves black chapter in agricultural history
– history of the South Sea Islanders. From ABC


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