Campion Jordan Building


The Campion Jordan building opened to house senior students. It was designed as a Matriculation (Year 12) Centre, but it also housed classrooms for other levels, science laboratories and various staff facilities.

It was named after Sr Campion Jordan (Sr Deirdre Jordan), principal of St Aloysius from 1954 until 1968. This new building signalled the movement of the college centre of gravity from Angas to Wakefield Street.

Campion-Jordan Building 1967
Campion-Jordan Building 1967, St Aloysius College Archives
Campion Jordan building with statue of Jesus
Statue of Jesus on the Campion Jordan Building , St Aloysius College Archives

On April 9th, the new building was opened. A copper sculpture of Christ was erected on the southern wall of the Wakefield Street building. The sculpture of ‘Christ, our Leader, our Protector, and our Friend’ was created by well-known sculptor Tom Bass and was donated by Mrs Lena Jordan, mother of Sr Deirdre Jordan.

The statue was moved to the Carmel Bourke Expressive Arts lift tower in 2009 when the new Year 12 Centre was added.

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