Statue of Christ

A copper figure of Christ, ‘our leader, our protector, our friend’, was the first work in Adelaide of the renowned Australian sculptor Tom Bass. The statue, a larger-than-life figure, triumphant rather than suffering, was erected in 1967 and was donated by Mrs Lena Jordan, mother of Sr Deirdre Jordan, Principal of SAC 1954 to 1968.

Bass had asked the girls ‘What kind of Christ they wanted for their own’ and because the girls suggested that ‘He should be among them’, a central position was chosen. It was placed within reach of passers-by on an outside wall of the new senior school building, named the Campion Jordan Building.

The statue was moved in 2009 as the school expanded and the wall of the Carmel Bourke Expressive Arts building was considered a more central location.

Theology in the artwork

‘The figure is formed simply to show great strength, but this is not the strength of a terrifying person, for His arms are outstretched in a gesture of protection and He seems to be calling us into His arms. This is a God of love and sympathy and power to help us, a God who is really with us always. He is one of us’ (St Aloysius College Annual 1967, p. 9).

Jesus statue
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By Carol Grantham, 2020


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