Australia as a nation
– who were the people who came to Australia and why did they come?  Interactive activities from Australian History Mysteries (Password required – ask at library)

Immigration and citizenship
– migrant records and information on post-World War 2 immigration to Australia. From National Archives of Australia

Journeys to Australia
– migrant journeys from 1850s – 2000s. From Museum Victoria

Migrant experiences in post war Australia
– first impressions and challenges faced by new migrants. From National Archives of Australia

SBS Cultural Atlas
– excellent website providing information about the cultural background of  Australia’s migrant populations. From SBS

Dutch migrant 1954
Push and Pull Factors
Push and pull factors
10 Pound Pom Commercial


Commonwealth of Australia 1954Dutch migrantPhotographWikipedia Commons, viewed 24 April 2021, <>, Creative Commons license: <>.