Seeds of Mercy

The ‘Seeds of Mercy’ artwork was created in 2012 by a team of thirteen St Aloysius students in collaboration with artists from the renowned Jam Factory Metal Design Studio. This work was unveiled in April 2013 to celebrate Sr Judith Redden’s contribution to St Aloysius College over her 30 years as principal.

The glass and steel pods represent scattered seeds which signify the creation of new life and values. The tree represents strength, age and enduring value which also symbolises the provision of shelter and safety. The tree then flows into a river, while its seeds become settlements around its banks.

This piece of artwork seeks to represent a shelter that allows its viewer to dream big, while inspiring them to act in the spirit of Mercy. It can be viewed on the western wall of the Catherine McAuley auditorium.

Seeds of Mercy
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By Carol Grantham, 2020


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