Federation  Story

Constitution for a Nation
– story of the 10 years leading to the creation of the Australian Constitution. Includes primary sources. From National Archives of Australia

– summary of the Federation story. From Australian Government

Federationopening of the first Parliament video
– short video explaining the reasons for Federation

Federation Fact Sheets
– fact sheets include: The Referendums 1898-1900, The First Commonwealth parliament 1901, Voting in the Federal Election 1903. From Australian Electoral Commission

Federation Fast facts
– arguments in favour and against Federation. From Education Services Australia

Federation in Australia
– timeline to Federation. From KidCyber

Road to Federation 1889-1901
– infographic explaining the timeline towards Federation. From Australian Electoral Commission

Why did Australia become a Federation
– reasons for Federation. From Parliamentary Education Office

Federation – The people

Australian Dictionary of Biography
– descriptions of the lives of important Australians

Leading figures in the Federation movement
– short biographies from National Library of Australia

Prime Ministers of Australia
– includes Edmund Barton, Alfred Deakin. From National Museum of Australia

Encyclopedia Britannica

Encyclopedia Britannica Online

Encyclopedia Britannica Online


Teacher Resources

Getting it together: from Colonies to Federation Teacher resource
– explores each state’s journey to Federation. Uses historical sources such as newspaper extracts, cartoons, speeches and biographies. Each package divided into 3 themes: People and place, Road to Federation, Celebrations and Future. From The Museum of Australian Democracy