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Creative Commons Information Pack
– What is Creative Commons? – How to find CC Licensed material – How to attribute CC licensed material. From Smartcopying

Creative Commons licenses
– shows 6 main Creative Commons licenses arranged from the most accommodating type to the most restrictive. From Creatvie Commons

Make your own Creative Commons licence
– select the features and create a CC licence. From Creative Commons

What is Creative Commons video
– video explaining the difference between Copyright and Creative Commons licensed material. From Creatve Commons NZ

Making Book Trailers       movies

Photostory 3 tutorial video
– short step by step instructions on using Photostory 3. Uploaded to YouTube by

Windows Live Movie Maker video
– video instructions for creating book trailers using Movie Maker Live. YouTube

Support Materialsdocuments

Book Trailer Concept Map
– in Google docs

Book Trailer Rubric
– in Google docs

Book Trailer Storyboard
– in Google Docs

Images       image

– access to search services offered by other independent organisations. Results are not necessarily under CC license and will need to be verified. Search web, images, music, video and media by choosing tabs at top.

– CC licensed photos from Flickr

Photo Pin
– CC licenced images from Flickr

Tag Galaxy
– visual search for images by tags

Wikimedia Commons
– database of free media files

Music music

– music with Creative Commons license

Incompetech Royalty Free Music
– select by genre and feel. From Kevin MacLeod

– free music published under Creative Commons license

Purple Planet Royalty Free Music
– free music organised in themes. Roll mouse over to hear excerpt. Credit source by linking to Purple Planet website


Image reference:
Maia, B n.d., Aurora icons, illustration, IconFinder, accessed 26 December 2012, <>, Creative Commons licence: <>.

– a wiki encyclopedia of pro and con arguments and quotations. From the International Debate Education Association

ANZ Points of View
– articles giving both sides of an argument on a range of issues

ANZ Points of View

ANZ Points of View.
Full text articles on a range of current social and environmental issues. Includes useful research guides.


Image reference:
ResinMuse, 2012, Daily dose, photograph, Flickr, accessed 23 December 2012, <>, Creative Commons licence: <>.


Glossary of film terms
– definitions of terms and phrases used in films and acting. From Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

Review Databases

Australian Classification Database
– search for film classifications. From Australian Government

Film reviews – Australian Catholic Film Office

Internet movie database
– film reviews and trailers from IMDb

Urban Cinefile (Australian)
– alphabetical listing of Australian films. Includes synopsis and reviews

Study Guides and Genre Lists

Film Education
– film resources and study guides

Metro Magazine
– study guides and resources

Public Domain CCO image from Pixabay

Year 8

Boy in the striped pyjamas – John Boyne (+ unabridged CDs)
– teaching notes from Random House Publishing

Chinese Cinderella – Adeline Yen Mah

Don’t call me Ishmael – Michael Gerard Bauer
– teaching notes from Scholastic Publishing

A midsummer night’s dream – William Shakespeare (+ unabridged CDs)
– teaching notes from Simon and Schuster Publishing

The outsiders – S.E.Hinton (+ unabridged CDs)
– teaching notes from TheBestNotes

Top stories ( Teacher resource book in Teacher Reference)

Year 9

Deadly, unna? – Phillip Gwynne
– teaching notes from Penguin Publishing

Looking for Alibrandi – Melina Marchetta (+ unabridged audio cassettes)
–  teaching notes from Penguin Publishing

Peeling the onion – Wendy Orr (+ unabridged audio cassettes )

Secrets in the fire – Mankell Henning

So much to tell you – John Marsden(+ unabridged audio cassettes )

Twelfth night – William Shakespeare
–  teaching notes from Simon and Schuster Publishing. Pair with She’s the man (DVD)

Year 10

Animal farm – George Orwell (+ unabridged CDs)
– teaching notes from Penguin

Leaving Jetty Road – Rebecca Burton
– teaching notes from Harper Collins

My forbidden face – Latifa

Romeo and Juliet – William Shakespeare
– teaching notes from Simon and Schuster Publishing

To kill a mockingbird – Harper Lee (+ unabridged CDs)
– teaching notes from Harcourt Education

Year 11

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time – Mark Haddon (+ unabridged CDs)
– notes from Random House

The great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Macbeth – William Shakespeare (+ unabridged CDs)
– teaching notes from Simon and Schuster Publishing

Of mice and men – John Steinbeck

That eye, the sky – Tim Winton

Paperbark: a collection of black Australian writing – Jack Davis

Year 12

Eva Luna – Isabel Allende

King Lear – William Shakespeare

The Reader – Bernhard Schlink

Shallows – Tim Winton



Australian Poetry Library
– poems arranged under themes and occasions, poetic forms, biographies of poets. From University of Sydney

Friendly Street Poets – Adelaide Poets Collective
– promotes poetry events around Adelaide as well as featured poems from SA poets

ee cummings bench


Image reference: 
Fischer, T 2008, e e cummings bench, photograph, Flickr, accessed 26 December 2012, <>, Creative Commons licence: <>.


Paradigm Online writing assistant 
– Includes: Organising, Revising and Editing your writing, Writing informal essays, Thesis/Support essays, Exploratory, Argumentative essays, Tips and techniques for writing poetry. Created by Chuck Guilford

Writing fact sheet
– fact sheets on writing essays, reviews, reports, writing sentences and different paragraph and text types. From University of New England, Armidale, NSW

I tend to scribblea lot


Image reference:
McPhee, N 2008, I tend to scribble a lot, photograph, Flickr, accessed 26 December 2012, <>, Creative Commons licence: <>.

Teacher Resources

ABC Spalsh
ABC Splash! Years 7-10
– Watch, Listen, Play. English resources to support the Australian Curriculum. From ABC

Australian Curriculum : English

– free digital collection of fiction and non fiction resources for teachers. Topics are organised by theme and year level with essential questions for class discussion and unit planning. Resources such as: poems, short stories, historical documents, non fiction texts and newspaper articles can be downloaded for free. Created by Michelle Brown

Teacher Resources

English for the Australian Curriculum
– units of work to support the teaching and learning of English and literacy from Foundation to Year 10. From Education Services Australia and English teachers’ professional associations

Global Words
– units of work integrating the teaching and learning of English with global citizenship education. From Primary English Teaching Association Australia and World Vision

P-10 English Sample assessments
– units of work and resources to support the Australian English Curriculum. From Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority

Reading Australia
– educational resources for teachers using Australian texts within the framework of the Australian Curriculum. The units include curriculum codes, sample classroom and assessment activities.