Copyright and Creative Commons

Creative Commons Information Pack
– What is Creative Commons? How to find CC licenced material. How to attribute CC licenced material. From Smartcopying

Make your own Creative Commons licence
– select the features and create a CC licence. From Creative Commons

Creative Commons video

Video explaining the difference between Copyright and Creative Commons licensed material

Creative Commons Images

– Creative Commons licence photographs and cultural works

– Creative Commons licensed images from Flickr. Filter by licence – choose Creative Commons

Google images
– to find Creative Commons licenced images, use Tools tab to filter by Usage Rights– choose Creative Commons

Encyclopedia of Life
– Creative Commons images depicting life on Earth

CSIRO Science Images
– Creative Commons licenced images library specializing in science and nature

Free-to Use-Images – not Creative Commons licenced

– free images. Check Pexels licence


– free images. Check Pixabay licence

– free images. Check Unsplash licence

– free images. All images in the public domain CCO licence


Camera icon 2015PhotographPixabay, viewed 12 June 2021, <>.

Creative Commons Music

– royalty free music. Check Bensound licence

Free Sound effects
– free sound effects for non-commercial use. Available in 2 file formats. Check Free Sound Effects licence

Sound Bible
– free sound effect clips. CC3.0 attribution licence and public domain sounds

Purple Planet Royalty Free Music
– free music organised in themes. Roll mouse over to hear excerpt. CC3.0 attribution licence.



Verch, M 2020, Love listening to music, Photograph, Flickr, viewed 21 May 2021, <>, Creative Commons license: <>.

Creative Commons Multimedia

Mazwai video clips
– high quality Creative Commons video clips for use in a wide range of creative projects. From Mazwai

Pixabay videos
– free stock video footage from Pixabay

Wikimedia Commons
– database of free video files.

cinema landscape


Altmann, G 2012Cinema landscapePhotographPixabay, viewed 6 July 2021, <>.