Hello Craig

How are you? My name is Maria (Mary in English). I wanted to say thank you for all that you have done for us, and also to the students of St Aloysius College. It is very important for us, all this, really. Maybe, some people haven’t told you anything, but they feel the same.

Well, I hope you spend a good time here in Argentina and your son, Joshua, too. We are worried about how you are feeling and we want you to be comfortable and that you can keep a good remember from here.

I am very glad that you are teaching us some things of your country and what you know about music.

I am going to see you for the next 5 months, but I hope we can keep in touch when you leave the country, for e-mail or by letter.

Thanks for all!

Good luck
Maria 15/04/04

Note from Mr Evans

All students call me Craig. It is a very common thing for students to call their professor by their nombre (name). They even go so far as to give their favourite teachers their usual greeting, a kiss to the right hand side of the face. An air kiss really. Even men!!

This is an excellent letter from someone who is studying English as a second language.

This is a common voice from the children here, which is usually followed by ‘When do you teach our class?’…’I want to do music now. I don’t want to wait. Why not now?’ (a very Argentinian approach). Que no ahora!!