St Ethnea College Orchestra


St Ethnea College Orchestra

St Ethnea College Orchestra



Percussion with Josh

The first rehearsal.

Clarinets 2-3 lessons.
Trumpets 2 lessons.
Trombones 1 lesson.
Flutes 2-3 lessons.
Percussion 2 lessons.
Keyboard 1 lesson.

All instruments, except percussion are from a teacher who bases his teaching on 5 minutes experience on each instrument before leaving for Argentina. This and a lot of bluff!!!!

‘A sweet sound.’

The first notes were sounded today by the newly formed St. Ethnea College Orchestra to an audience comprising of just five .Francisco, the front office worker, who was asked to be the very important photographer, Mariana and Celina, the two Principals, Andoniette, Head of the English afternoon sessions, and the school’s business manager, Amelia.

A sweeter sound an audience never heard.

If one thinks what that first tentative sound represents, an impossible dream, I feel proud to have been the conductor of such a beautiful orchestra. They were magnificent!!! They performed like professionals and were incredibly focused. They showed determined commitment.

They were playing instruments donated by others (SAC school community and friends) but in their first sound they made these instruments their own.

They were making music. Music in a school that had no music room. Music in  a school that had one guitar. They were making music. A very sweet sound in a beautiful room with a view.

About ten months ago I had a strange dream, a dream that made me get up in the middle of the night and search out David Bramham, St Aloysius College music coordinator. We were on a study tour of South America. The time was about 2.00am. David saw the madness. David didn’t argue.

Part of the crazy dream is now reality.

Look at the faces of these children of this orchestra, children filled with innocent belief in their loco teacher, faces filled in concentrated commitment, focus, pride………. they were an orchestra, a team, a group of young people working together, co-operating, searching for excellence.

They were living a dream.

When they stood to the rapturous applause, I felt a little smile deep within my heart.

Thanks to all for sharing in this dream.

Part of the dream has eventuated. Stay tuned.

Having a good time in Argentina,


PS. I am such a proud Dad. That’s my son in the percussion section. Wow, that wasn’t part of the dream.

By the way……….Josh decided what instrument he wanted to play. How could I have refused?