Sumer and Mesopotamia

Ancient Sumer
– information on Inventions, Government, Law and order, Royal Tombs of Ur, Proverbs from Sumer, Gilgamesh. From Mr Donn

– contents include: cities of Assyria, Babylonia, Sumer, Royal Tombs of Ur, Ziggurats, Geography, Gods, Goddesses, Demons and Monsters, History of Mesopotamia, Timeline, Writing. From British Museum


– information on life in Mesopotamia, artefacts  interactives, interviews with archaeologists  videos. From Oriental Institute Museum of the University of Chicago

Ancient Mesopotamia for kids
– contents include: Geography, History, Government, Daily life, Deities, Legends, Inventions. From Mr Donn

Dig into History: Mesopotamia
– interactive archaeological dig site where students collect and catalogue artefacts and curate a museum exhibition. From Oriental Institute Museum of the University of Chicago

– selection of archaeological sources show aspects of life in Mesopotamia. From BBC


Royal Tombs of Ur

From University of Pennsylvania, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Secrets of Mesopotamia

Ancient cuneiform writing.
From ABC Education

Mesopotamia. The world’s first civilization

From ABC Education


Amin, O 2014Assyrian grooms and horsesPhotographWikimedia Commons, viewed 8 May 2021, <,_from_Nimrud,_Iraq,_8th_century_BC._The_British_Museum.jpg>, Creative Commons license: <>.