Medieval Europe
Medieval manuscript

Domesday Book
– frequently asked questions about the Domesday Book, commissioned by William the Conqueror in 1086. From The Domesday Book Online

Magna Carta
– how and why the Magna Carta was written, background of the times, view the document. From British Library

Middle Ages
– articles and videos on topics: Feudal System, Magna Carta, King John, Black Death, Peasants’ Revolt, Everyday life, Islamic world in the Middle Ages. From BBC Bitesize

Medieval Life

Middle Ages
– topics include: People, Cities, buildings & money, War, torture & criminals, Lifestyle, culture & society, Law & government, Events & advancements, Sports, activities & entertainment, Work & education, Religion, Art, music & dance. From The Finer Times

Middle Ages
– print and video resources from ABC Education

Middle Ages: a comprehensive overview of Europe, 500-1500
– topics include Feudalism, Crime and punishment, Housing, Clothing, Castles, Farming, Food, Medieval towns and villages, Medicine, Bubonic plague. From History on the Ne

Names in the middle ages
– list of popular men’s and women’s names. From

People of the Middle Ages
– description of different occupations in medieval times. From

Superstitions in Medieval times
– some common superstitions with explanations. From Bright Hub Education


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