Ancient Australia

Australian History Mysteries
– Lake Mungo archaeological site in southern NSW. Case study help students to understand what Lake Mungo was, and how it became what it is today. From National Museum of Australia. Password required – ask at Library.

Bruce Pascoe: Aboriginal agriculture, technology and ingenuity
– examination of the journals of the early explorers has found evidence of a complex civilisation that was using sophisticated technologies to live, farm and manage the land. From ABC Splash!

Identifying Aboriginal sites
– Aboriginal occupation sites are places that show that Aboriginal people lived in an area. Describes different types of  Aboriginal sites and includes video. From NSW Aboriginal Heritage Office

Ancient Australia
Aboriginal rock art

Mungo National Park  video
– Lake Mungo in the Willandra Lakes region of western NSW, the site of the discovery of ancient human remains and the ongoing work of archaeologists. From ABC Splash!

Map of Indigenous Australia
– shows location of  Aboriginal groups. From AIATSIS


Nijenhuis, P 2008Aboriginal rock art at Nourlangie RockPhotographFlickr, viewed 8 May 2021, <>, Creative Commons license: <>.