Biology Links

blood cells

– a wide range of Biology topics covered as well as experiments and teacher resources. From ThoughtCo.

Biology video tutorials video
– from Khan Academy

Bio-Alive video
– biology and life-science animations. From Bio-Alive

Bitesize: Biology
– a website set up to help British students with school work and exam revision. This is a very useful website to explore as many of the same topics are studied here. Video clips are not available. From BBC

General biology : animated tutorials video
– animations demonstrating a range of biology concepts. From Sumanas, Inc.

Online biology dictionary
– definitions of biology terms. From Biology Online

Biology Links

Pass Biology Learning Hub
– definitions, links and video on a wide range of biology topics. Created by Mike Wilson

– useful information on many biology topics. Created by a community of science teachers

Science Media Centre
– source of opinions from local experts on topical science-related issues. From  Royal Society of New Zealand

Online Databases
Science Reference Centre

Full text newspaper and reference articles, video, images, animations, experiments and biographies


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Cells alive
– topics: cell biology, microbiology, immunology, microscopy, interactives showing cell models, mitosis, meiosis, cell cycles and gallery of images. Created by Jim Sullivan

Cells and cell division
– videos: Diffusion and osmosis, Parts of a cell, Chromosomes, chromatids, chromatin, Mitosis and meiosis, Embryonic stem cells, Cancer. From Khan Academy

Prokaryotes, Eukaryotes & Viruses tutorial
– introduction to the kinds of cells that make up all living systems, and to contrast cells with viruses. From University of Arizona


Image reference:
Garabito 1992, Sedimento 41, photograph, Flickr, accessed 25 April 2013, <>, Creative Commons license: <>.

General Genetics Links

About genetics
– Topics: Genes and how they work, Mutations and disease, Genetic testing, Making medicines, New therapies, Ethics. From Tech Museum of Innovation

DNA from the beginning
– 75 experiments that made modern genetics. From Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Gene machine
– check if you have these genetic traits. Created by Bill Kendrick

Genetics Fact Sheets
– fact sheets: Human genetics and patterns of inheritance, Genetic testing, screening and prevention, Genetic technologies and their implications, Genetic conditions caused by chromosomal changes, Genetic conditions where one or more genes may be contributing. From NSW Government

– DNA and gene basics, DNA to protein, Heredity and traits, Variation, selection and time, Build a DNA molecule. From University of Utah

Understanding genetics
– online exhibits including Zooming into DNA, What colour eyes will your children have, Genetically modified food. From Tech Museum of Innovation

Genetic Disorders

genes Your genes your health
– information on a number of genetic disorders. From Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

– information and patient stories (video). From Thalassemia Foundation of Canada

United Kingdom Thalassaemia Society
– information on Thalassaemia and includes educational videos on the condition


Heredity and traits
– what is heredity I what is a trait I chromosomes: the vehicles of heredity. From University of Utah

Mendel’s peas
– demonstrates the basic principles of meiosis, fertilization and inheritance using the same pea traits that Mendel studied. From BioLogica


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