Healthy Eating

Food and drink spectrum
– chart outlining healthy eating. From Government of SA

Fresh for kids
– encouraging a healthy lifestyle by eating fruit, vegetable and physical activity. From Sydney Markets

Health kids quiz
– kid’s quiz. Test your food choices. From Healthy Kids

Nutrition games
– includes: Combo kitchen — Fuelled for fun — Breakfast detective. From National Dairy Council

Pick chow
– game to create healthy meals. From ZisBoomBah

Image reference:
Gismondi, F 2007, Strawberry, photograph, Flickr, accessed 27 April 2013, <>, Creative Commons license: <>.


Hygiene habits
– various topics for kids from LiveStrong

Kids’ Health
– personal hygiene topics include: smelling clean , clothes, shoes, feet, using ‘nice smell’ products, hair, teeth. From Women’s and Children’s Health network

Kids health
– health skin, hair and nail care habits. From American Academy of Dermatology



Good dental hygiene for kids
– preventing cavities, fluoride, dental care, nutrition. From LiveStrong

Taking care of your teeth
– topics: Why teeth are important, Before toothpaste was invented, How you can keep your teeth healthy. From KidsHeath

Image reference:
Elpatojo 2006, Inverted toothbrushes, photograph, Flickr, accessed 27 April 2013, <>, Creative Commons license: <>.

Human Body


Fuel for your body
– foods needed to keep your body healthy. From Women’s and Children’s Network

How your body works – Your muscles
– information on 3 types of muscles – smooth, cardiac and skeletal. Audio available. From Kids Health

Muscles – the Human Body
– muscle fact. Includes diagrams and video. From Easy Science for Kids

Your body
– covers many topics about how the body works. From Women’s and Children’s Health Network

Your muscles
– information and diagrams of different muscles. From Women’s and Children’s Health Network