General Search Strategies

Some suggested keywords that can be used to search the library catalogue and the Internet – this is not an exhaustive list.

Some search keywords
  • human migration
  • prehistoric times
  • neanderthal
  • combine these search terms with specific keywords e.g. shelter, timeline, artefacts, inventions

Early Societies

Human beginnings
– topics include: Evolution of man, Caveman facts, Mystery of the human hobbit, The day we learned to think, Neanderthal. From BBC

Human migration map
– timeline of human evolution. From San Francisco University

Prehistoric times
– food, clothing and shelter in prehistoric times. From

Investigating the ancient past

Otzi the Iceman
– information on the history of the find, Circumstances of death, Iceman’s clothing and equipment, How did he live. From South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology

Who killed the iceman?
– archaeologists used a range of forensic methods to piece together a detailed picture of his life – and death. From Science News for Students

Online Encyclopedia and Internet Resources
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Encyclopedia Britannica Online

Encyclopedia Britannica Online