Candle lanterns


Beijing attractions
– The Great Wall, Forbidden City, historical sites, museums, mountain and forest parks. Beijing Trip

China Overview
– links to information on Chinese travel and culture. From Top China Travel

China New Year resources
– lesson plans, worksheets and videos. From Teacher Planet

Chinese newpapers online
– news in Chinese and English. From WebWombat

– largely Asian short film collection that is constantly updating. Searchable content by genre or topics, that is generally for older students.

Eiffel Tower


Discover France
– information on regions, cities, Paris, Christmas in France. From French Moments

– information, destinations, things to do. From the France Tourism Development Agency

French newspapers online
– news in French and English. From WebWombat

Lonely Planet Guide to France
– places and things to do in France

– information on exploring Paris. From Paris Tourist office

Regions of France
– interactive map with information about each region. From



Australia-Asia Bridge School partnerships
– connects teachers, students and school communities with their counterparts in Asia to increase awareness and understanding of contemporary Australia and Asia. From Australia Asia Foundation

– the story of the St Aloysius College gamelan. Includes photos and video

Learning Bahasa Indonesia on the Internet
– from Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Northern Illinois University

Lonely Planet Guide to Indonesia
– places and things to do in Indonesia

SMA Xaverius 1 Palembang
– SAC’s sister school in Indonesia


Italian newspapers online
– news in Italian and English. From WebWombat

– information and places of interest from Italian Government Tourist Board, North America

Italy by region
– interactive map with information about each region. From Italian Government Tourist Board, North America

Lonely Planet Guide to Italy
– places to go and things to do in Italy

SACE Stage 2 Italian extension activities
–  reading, writing, speaking and listening activities for Beginners, Continuers and Extension. From NSW HSC Online