Fleur de Lis

The Fleur de Lis, which appears in the centre of the St Aloysius College emblem, is a variety of lily which is often used as the emblem of royalty. It was chosen by St Louis. King of France, as a symbol of dedication, consistency of purpose and strength of friendship.

The belt surrounding the Fleur de Lis on the traditional emblem, is a symbol of the strength of the bond that exists within the St Aloysius College community. The modern logo does not include the belt.

(From St Aloysius College student diary, p.6)

St Aloysius College Motto

In 1912, St Aloysius College adopted a motto and a school badge. The words ’Loyal en Tout’, incorporated in the emblem, can be translated as ‘Loyal in all’. These words refer to the loyalty each student, as a Christian, should have to God, to others, to the School and to themselves.

(From St Aloysius College student diary, p.6)