Chancery Lane Branding Mural

The branding mural, created in 2019, is painted along St Aloysius College’s walls and buildings on Chancery Lane, from Wakefield to Angas Streets.

It was a collaborative project, planned and painted by a group of St Aloysius College secondary students, art teachers and support staff, working with David and Deanne Riggs from Riggs Digital.

The artwork aimed to reflect the essence of St Aloysius College. Current students were asked to identify the core values of SAC, which were captured in these authentic images that resonate strongly with past, present and future students and the wider community.

The image of Celeste represents growth, emphasising the importance of nurturing the inherent gifts and talents of every student, as well as recognising our responsibility for the stewardship of all of creation.

The image of Elsie drawing is entitled inspiration and speaks of the creativity and imagination that are carefully nurtured through a Mercy education.

The STEM image shows Sarah examining the contents of a beaker in science. This image reflects the mural team’s view that STEM is more than a combination of specific disciplines, it is about discovering questions and solving problems collaboratively.

The image of Adilya and Jarran is one of friendship that spans from the early years through to Year 12. We cannot underestimate the power of role modelling and encouragement provided by our senior students.

These images, tied together with a purple ribbon, form the Empowering Bright Futures installation. Embedded within the mural are augmented reality videos produced by students to expand the still images into a powerful story.

By Paddy McEvoy
St Aloysius College Principal, 2019


McEvoy, P 2019, ‘Principal’s reflection’, St Aloysius College Magazine, p. 3.