Vanessa Pearce

Vanessa Pearce attended St Aloysius College from 2011-2015.  As a student, she was a member of the Adelaide Youth Orchestra, the SAC Orchestra and was Music Leader.

Vanessa’s time at SAC shaped her decision-making when it came to choosing her career path. Her choice of dentistry combined her interest in the sciences and her desire to work within a team to improve people’s quality of life.

Vanessa has enjoyed volunteer opportunities which have involved a placement in Zambia’s biggest public hospital as well as Common Ground – a free dental service provided in Adelaide to the homeless and other marginalised communities. Both volunteering opportunities have highlighted the importance of oral health and the negative impact of inequitable access to dental care.

Vanessa currently works as a dentist in Adelaide.

Vanessa Pearce
Vanessa Pearce (photograph used with permission)

By Carol Grantham
St Aloysius College Archivist, 2022