Shabana Azeez

Shabana attended St Aloysius College from Reception in 2002 and graduated in 2014. While at school, she participated in senior debating, with the team winning the Silver Medallion in the Grand Final debate at Parliament House. She was involved in the Mock Trial Competition run by the Law Society of South Australia, was a member of the SAC Catholic Schools’ Music Festival Choir and also played beach volleyball. After graduating from SAC, Shabana completed a Bachelor of Arts and Media double degree at Adelaide University.

Despite not training as an actor, Shabana became interested in acting in her early 20s, preferring the screen to the stage. She has shown a range of creative talents, including appearances in various television programs including ABC’s ‘In Limbo’, ‘Utopia’, ‘The Letdown’, Channel 9’s ‘Metrosexual’ and SBS’s ‘The Hunting’. She has received nominations for her performances at various Australian Film Festivals and co-won Best Female Actor at Tropfest in 2019. Shabana also works as an audiobook narrator, has performed at the Adelaide and Melbourne Film Festivals and won the lead role in her first international feature film ‘Birdeater’.

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Shabana Azeez (photograph used with permission)


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