Renate Henschke

Renate Henschke attended St Aloysius College from 1986-1993. As a student she was involved in sporting teams, the Student Representative Council and the Social Committee. Renate showed an interest in drama while at school, participating in three major secondary school productions as well as primary school plays.

Renate studied fashion at Marleston TAFE and received a grant to study fashion in Ireland. She lived in Dublin for 10 years, working for a design company before setting up her own clothing label, ‘Arms’. Her designs sold in boutiques across Europe, Japan and online in the United States

With friends in the film industry, Renate decided to change direction and focus her creative skills on costumes for television and film. With a thriving film industry in Dublin, Renate had the opportunity to work extensively in the costume departments for film and on numerous television series, including the multi-award-winning ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Vikings’.

Renate’s first film job in Adelaide was for Windmill Theatre’s ‘Girl asleep’, where she coordinated the workroom to create the fantasy costumes. She has since worked extensively in theatre, television and film including the Adelaide-directed feature film ‘Animals’ and ‘Honey I’m home’ an online project with Windmill Theatre.

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Renate Henschke
Renate Henschke (photograph used with permission)

By Carol Grantham, 2021


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