Dr Suzanne Mashtoub

Suzanne Mashtoub attended St Aloysius College from 1996-2004. During her years at SAC she was involved many aspects of school life. Suzanne played in the school orchestra and rock band, sang in the school choir and was involved in all the major musical and dramatic productions of her era. She was a member of the Student Representative Council during most of her years at school and held the position of SRC president in 2004. Suzanne shared the Catherine McAuley award with Clare McEvoy.

After graduating from SAC, Suzanne studied a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) at the University of Adelaide and completed a PhD (Medicine) in 2013.

Dr Suzanne Mashtoub is a grant funded researcher within the Adelaide Medical School at The University of Adelaide, leading a research team at the Gastroenterology Department, Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Additionally, Dr Mashtoub is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the Adelaide Medical School and recently completed a NHMRC Postdoctoral Biomedical Fellowship.

Suzanne’s research focuses on the efficacy of Emu Oil (first used by Indigenous Australian people) in inflammatory intestinal disorders, extending promising preclinical findings into the clinical setting.

Ultimately, Suzanne hopes to see reduced burden of disease and improved health and wellbeing in children and adolescents via access to a wider variety of effective treatment options.

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Dr Suzanne Mashtoub
‘SAC significantly fostered my passion and curiosity for science, encouraged by a supportive and inquiry-based learning environment’. Dr Suzanne Mashtoub