Mercy Day Carnival

The inaugural St Aloysius College Mercy Day Carnival was held in 1997. This whole school event is held on the last day of Term 3 to celebrate the Feast Day of Our Lady of Mercy. This is a festive occasion with a range of activities and stalls set up by each class, enabling our school community to come together and raise funds to support those in need.

This event has grown from its beginning where $2,000 was raised for our local Mercy organisations, such as the Adelaide Day Centre and Catherine House. More recent Mercy Day Carnivals have raised over $12,000.

The Mercy Day Carnival at SAC demonstrates the joy that it brings to help others in our community, as well as the ingenuity of our students in finding creative ways to raise funds and awareness for Mercy Works.

By Carol Grantham
S Aloysius College Archivist, 2023

Adelaide Day Centre
Catherine House

Mercy Value bracelets
(Mercy Value bracelets, St Aloysius College Archives)