Welcome to St Ethnea by Marita
grave of Sister of Mercy
Grave site of one of the founding Sisters of Mercy
Purchasing instruments with SAC donations
Purchasing instruments with SAC donations
Presentation of instruments to school principals
Presentation of instruments to school principals
Beginning of an orchestra

Just what is Mercy?

Last year St Aloysius College’s Music Coordinator, David Bramham organised an adventure to South America for 14 SAC students and teachers, Yvonne McKernan, John Konopka, Danielle Abraham and Craig Evans.

It was an amazing trip and I thank David every day for his hard work. He stayed back until 9.00pm each night putting in hours of preparation for this fantastic trip. Mercy in action?

The travelling party met a school community, St. Ethnea College in Bella Vista, Argentina and were blown away by their warmth and generosity. The student population made a huge emotional impact on us and the experience left the touring party in tears when they departed.

Just what was the connection with St Ethnea College?

About a 125 years ago, a group of Argentinian Sisters of Mercy set off for South Australia after a chance meeting with the Archbishop of South Australia in Ireland. The result was St Aloysius College. The Sisters of Mercy purchased the land and founded the SAC community.

The touring party experienced a strange spiritual connection when visiting the grave site of the founding Argentine sisters, feeling as though they were visiting lost family members.

SAC is a rich school by comparison and the school community set about sharing their good fortune. Donations flowed from the students and friends of SAC. The result – the presentation of a beautiful set of musical instruments and the birth of a new musical experience at St Ethnea College.

Mercy in action.

The instruments were presented to the students and the two Principals, Mariana and Celina, in the school’s foyer with Argentine guitar music accompanying the presentation.

A new music room was prepared courtesy of the Sisters of Mercy making their Retreat house room available. Music lessons commenced.

The students of St Ethnea appeared overwhelmed by the generosity of the St Aloysius girls and have written letters of thanks.

An orchestra is being developed and very soon a fundraising day will occur, highlighting the new musical instruments. Funds will be raised for the children of the very poor barrio schools near the St Ethnea campus.

Mercy in action.

Many skills have contributed to this adventure occurring. Many people have played their part including Carly in the SAC front office and the St Ethnea administration.

I say thank you to all, but a special thank you to the drive of one very passionate and hardworking person at St Ethnea College, Marita, the secretary to the Principals of St Ethnea. Marita and her family have made Joshua and me feel a part of her family. She picks us up each day for school and organises our daily events. Without Marita this project would never have happened.

Mercy in action.

Whatever skills a person has, the effect of one person’s action can contribute to an amazing result.

To all the people who have been a part of this project and the realisation of a new music department at St Ethnea College, Bella Vista, Argentina – thank you. Enjoy the instruments and more importantly enjoy the music making. The school previously had no music room and only one guitar. The action of many has changed that forever. A good result.

Mercy in action.

PS. A big thank you to Ale and Javier for their use of their computer and all the coffees and cakes.

Mercy in action.

Mr Evans