The Angas Street Grotto

Inspired by the famous religious site of Lourdes, grottos have been a feature of many Australian Catholic Schools. The St Aloysius College grotto, built in the garden on the Angas Street side of Barr Smith House, served as a place of quiet, prayer and contemplation. The grotto featured a statue of the Virgin Mary, together with one of St. Bernadette. Completed in 1924, the grotto was blessed on Sunday, September 21.

In 1982, the Barr Smith House, together with the grotto, were demolished to make way for the construction of the Dame Roma Mitchell building.

By Neville Stapleton
St Aloysius College Archivist, 2021

(Angas St grotto. St Bernadette praying to Mary 1924, St Aloysius College Archives) Click image to enlarge