Convent of Mercy

June 5, 1880

Using all their financial resources, the Angas Street property belonging to Mr George Dutton Green, was purchased as the convent for the Mercy Congregation. The largest room of the house was converted into a chapel.


A two-story wing was added to the rear of the Dutton-Green building and named the St Agnes wing. On the ground floor was a refectory and servery, with a chapel upstairs. An arched cloister was built on the eastern side of the building with a single-story veranda on the western side.


A vacant block of land on the eastern side of Dutton-Green was purchased. A two-storey wing facing Angas Street was attached to Dutton-Green. Upstairs were twelve new bedrooms, and downstairs a large community room and an office for the Mother Superior. The façade of this extension closely matched the original building.


Acraman House on the eastern side of the convent was purchased. The kitchen and laundry were demolished to make way for the Cunningham Memorial Chapel that was to form part of the eastern wing of the present cloisters. The front of Acraman House, which was set back from the convent, was extended towards Angas Street to bring it into alignment.

By Carol Grantham, 2022


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