Guitars purchased for music lessons


gustavo and josh

Josh with guitar teacher, Gustavo

Where do guitars go when they die?

Well, Argentina, judging from these photos.

Thank you Enzo Tronchin for your generous $1,000 donation. The 15 guitars you see here are but a few. Add to this the Electric Bass, Electric Guitar and Semi/Acoustic guitar.

The guitars without the students look sad. In the hands of the students, the guitars live again.

Music is alive and well at St Ethnea College. All classes in Year 7 and 8 have had Drum lessons as well as Guitar and Electric Bass Guitar. They are learning the same program that is taught by the SAC music department.

All of the musical arrangements have been done by David Bramham, the SAC Music Coordinator. When I teach these students in Argentina, I feel the link between our two schools growing closer.

The Argentinian Sisters of Mercy, the founding sisters of St Aloysius College, are hopefully watching the events at St Ethnea College. I would like to think they would be smiling right about now.

Enjoy the guitars St Ethnea. Enjoy the joy of making music.

te mando un beso,

PS Have a look at my beautiful son and his incredible guitar teacher, Gustavo.

Gustavo Rocks!!!!!!!