At St Aloysius College we have taken the gamelan to our hearts!
gamelan Dodi

Dodi Darmadi

The original instruments were purchased from Indonesia in 1998, made and tuned by Mas Suhirdjan in Yogjakarta. The program was initiated by the vision of our former Principal Sister Judith Redden and continues to be valued by our Principal Paddy McEvoy. Deetje and Hannah Tunstill (Flinders University gamelan) played an important role in training senior Music students during the early years.

Since then, more instruments have been added and introductory gamelan lessons have been an established part of our Music curriculum. In 2011 an Australian Government Building Asia Literacy (BAL) grant enabled Dodi Darmadi as our gamelan musician in residence. Five year olds were included in the program for the first time. Classroom teachers also had a taste of gamelan and the Music teachers extended their skills. A children’s performance group Gamelan Melati was formed and invited to perform at public events. The gamelan program continues to flourish! It is a significant Indonesian presence in our school.

Dodi Darmadi is a specialist performer and kendang player, trained in Bandung, West Java, performing with Sekar Laras (Flinders University) and Seratus Persen (Bandung). He has a warm personality and boundless energy. He has been an inspiration to our students and our school community. He has encouraged students to learn Indonesian and value Indonesian culture.


Suhirdjan: Reverberations
– website in memory of Mas Suhirdjan

Bali & Beyond
– a performing arts company inspired by the cultures of Indonesia. Features traditional and creative gamelan music, shadow theatre



The bonang is a collection of small gongs on horizontal strings within a wooden rack. St Aloysius College 2009
Gamelan. Open Day 2010
Dodi playing the gamelan with staff and students. SAC Open Day 2010

Gamelan Melati performing at Flinders University 2011
SAC teachers learning the gamelan 2011
Friends of the Gamelan setting up for SAC Spectacular, Entertainment Centre 2011

View inside a gamelan factory and see the new saron made for St. Aloysius College gamelan. SAC teachers visit the factory as part of a study tour organised by Barbara Burr. April, 2011. Uploaded by Michael Cowling

Gamelan tuner Mas Suhirdjan at work in Yogyakarta in 2004. Uploaded by Michael Cowling
St. Aloysius Gamelan on Open Day in 2010. Uploaded by Michael Cowling