National Archives of Australia

VRROOM – Virtual Reading Room
– primary sources from the National Archives of Australia

Government: General

Australia’s Federation
– information on the Constitution, the Monarch, the Governor-General and the Federation

Glossary of Parliamentary words
– from Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

Parliamentary Education Office
– parliamentary resources for students and teachers

State Government

How Parliament Works
– includes How a Bill becomes an Act of Parliament, Legislative Council, People in Parliament, House of Assembly. From Parliament of South Australia

Political parties

Parliament@Work – Political parties
– information on the Australian Greens – Australian Labor Party – Country Liberal Party – Family First – Liberal Party – The Nationals – Other parties and Independents. From Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

Federal Government

Closer Look
– topics include: Australian Constitution – Governing Australia: 3 levels of law-making – Short history of Parliament – Parliament and Congress; a comparison – Federation – Australia’s Parliament House. From Parliamentary Education Office

Fact sheets
– Fact Sheet Series answers many questions by explaining parliamentary terms. Includes quiz. From Parliamentary Education Office

Federal Parliament History Timeline
– investigate the milestones to find out how the work of the Parliament has influenced the development of Australia since federation. From Parliamentary Education Office

How Parliament Works video
– videos include What is Parliament? – Making a law – Parliamentary Committees – Role play in action. From Parliamentary Education Office

Image Library
– images of Parliament House – diagrams showing Parliament in action – Houses of Parliament – The government – The law – How government works – Representing Australia – Important people in Federal Parliament – History. From Parliamentary Education Office

Your Questions on Notice
– frequently asked questions aboutĀ FederalĀ Parliament or ask your own. From Parliamentary Office