General search strategies

Some suggested keywords that can be used to search the library catalogue and the Internet – this is not an exhaustive list.

Some search keywords
  • sumer* (wildcard – will search for all words starting with sumer e.g. sumer, sumerians)
  • mesopotamia
  • “royal tombs of ur” (” ” will search for phrase)
  • combine these search terms with specific keywords e.g. society, government, gods, writing


Ancient Sumer
– information on Inventions, Government, Law and order, Royal Tombs of Ur, Proverbs from Sumer, Gilgamesh. From Mr Donn

– contents include: cities of Assyria, Babylonia, Sumer, Royal Tombs of Ur, Ziggurats, Geography, Gods, Goddesses, Demons and Monsters, History of Mesopotamia, Timeline, Writing. From British Museum

Royal Tombs of Ur  video
– the late 1920s excavation of royal tombs at Ur, in southern Iraq, provided one of the most renowned discoveries in the history of archaeology. The remarkable tombs show the full glory of ancient Sumerian culture (2600-2500 B.C.) at its zenith. From University of Pennsylvania, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology – YouTube


Ancient Mesopotamia
– information on life in Mesopotamia, artefacts  interactives, interviews with archaeologists  videos. From Oriental Institute Museum of the University of Chicago

mesopotamia Ancient Mesopotamia for kids
– contents include: Geography, History, Government, Daily life, Deities, Legends, Inventions. From Mr Donn

Dig into History: Mesopotamia
– interactive archaeological dig site where students collect and catalogue artefacts and curate a museum exhibition. From Oriental Institute Museum of the University of Chicago

– selection of archaeological sources show aspects of life in Mesopotamia. From BBC

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Image reference:
Zucker, S 2009, Detail of winged bull and winged lion (lamassu), photograph, Flickr, accessed 24 May 2013, <>, Creative Commons license: <>.