zebra Animal bytes
– includes scientific classification, basic physical traits, fun facts, and conservation/ecological value. From SeaWorld/Busch Gardens

Animal classification
– explanation and examples of animal classification. From A-Z Animals

Biokids: kids inquiry of diverse species
– description and images of animal classification groups. From University of Michigan

Food Webs

Food chains and food webs
– explanation and examples. From BluePlanet, Wyong Shire Council

Food web
– interactive activity – 4 food webs: Australian grassland, African grassland, Antarctic, Marine. From Gould League

Water Cycles

Water Cycle video
– video showing the water cycle and its importance to life. Changes to the water cycle affect climate and vice versa From NASA

Earth and Space Sciences

Earth, Sun and Moon
– explanations and diagrams explaining seasons, phases of the moon, solar and lunar eclipses. From National Schools’ Observatory

What causes a lunar eclipse? video
– from ‘Ask an astronomer’, YouTube

Why are solar eclipses only visible in some places? video
– from ‘Ask an astronomer’, YouTube

Renewable Energy

About energy
– What is energy?, Renewable or non-renewable energy, Energy and the environment. From Origin Energy

Energy Kids
– Energy facts, Energy sources, Using and saving energy, History of energy, Glossary. From US Energy Information Administration

Energy Quest
– discover new means of energy production and innovative ways to use less energy. Includes video. From California Energy Commission


Animal cell model
– interactive image of animal cell with links to description. Also an animal and plant cell jigsaw. From Cells Alive

Cell biology
– links from Library Webs. Life Science > Cell biology

– cell structure with quiz. From Andrew Rader Studios

Plant cell model
– interactive image of plant cell with links to description. From Cells Alive

Body Systems

 Inner body
– interactive diagram with description of parts of the body for each body system.

Online Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia Britannica Online

Encyclopedia Britannica Online

Rocks and Minerals

Discover how rocks are formed
– interactive activity showing how sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks are formed. From Annenberg Foundation

How do rocks undergo change?
– rock cycle animation interactive – shows how each type of rock is formed and how it can be converted to another. From Houghton, Mifflin,

The rock cycle
-summary notes only – rock types, earth structure, rock cycle. Includes diagram. From Mineral Finder

Rock cycle

Body Systems

Hormone (endocrine) system
– function of the endocrine system. From State Government of Victoria

Nervous system
– central and peripheral nervous systems.  From State Government of Victoria


Ecosystems: impacts and adaptations
– climate impacts on ecosystems. From US Environmental Protection Agency

Threatened species and ecological communities in Australia
– factors impacting on ecological communities. From Australian Government

Online Database and Encyclopedia
Science Reference Centre

Full text newspaper and reference articles, science videos, images, animations, experiments, biographies

Encyclopedia Britannica Online

Encyclopedia Britannica Online

Digital Curriculum Resources
National Digital Learning Resource Network
– selection of digital curriculum resources that are aligned to the Science subject area of the Australian Curriculum. Search for these resources using Scootle. From Education Services Australia



Teacher Resources

Australian Curriculum Lessons
– lesson plans created by Australian teachers

ABC Spalsh

ABC Splash! Secondary
– science resources to support the Australian Curriculum. From ABC

Teacher Resources

Australian Curriculum – Science
– from ACARA

P-10 Science Sample Assessments
– units of work and resources to support the Australian Science Curriculum. From Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority

ScienceWeb Australia
– units of work to support the Australian Curriculum: Science. From Australian Science Teachers Association