Art Galleries

MoMa Art Safari 
– an adventure in looking. From the Museum of Modern Art, New York

National Gallery of Art Classroom 
– for teachers and students. Search by subject, artist and curriculum. From National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.

National Gallery of Australia
– view collection galleries and special exhibitions

National Gallery London
– zoomable pictures. Browse paintings by artist, century, latest arrivals. Includes artist biographies

Cross section of a sunset

Tate Kids – Games
– activities on topics Colour, Painting, Street art, Artworks, Symbols. From Tate Gallery, London


Image reference:
Daily, R 2008, Cross section of a sunset, painting, Flickr, accessed 22 December 2012, <>, Creative Commons licence: <>.


color studyGoogle Art Project
– high resolution images – search or browse artworks, artists, collections and galleries. View in Firefox or Chrome




Art and artists
-artists organised alphabetically and by country. From Enchanted Learning

picasso headFree art lessons
– lessons in art and design as well as art appreciation. From Artyfactory

Pablo Picasso
– weblinks to biography and art of Pablo Picasso


– leading Expressionist painters and Expressionist groups. From Kids.Net.Au

Expressionism: the spirit of Expressionist art
– examples of Expressionist art. From Artyfactory

History: Expressionism Art
– characteristics and examples of Expressionist art. From Technological Solutions

MoMa Expressionism
– background to the movement as well as examples of Expressionism and city life, Expressionist portraits and Expressionism in nature. From the Museum of Modern Art, New York


Image Reference:
Rogers, V 2005, Colour study, painting, Flickr, accessed 22 December 2012, <>, Creative Commons licence: <>.


DSO Kids 
– listen to composers, visit the symphony, make your own instruments, music games to play. From Dallas Symphony Orchestra

– story of the SAC gamelan. Includes photos and video

Instruments of the orchestra
– learn about the instruments of the orchestra and listen to the sound to an instrument. From Dallas Symphony Orchestra



Image reference:
Durand, P 2012, Adrian Anantawan, illustration, Flickr, accessed 21 December 2012, <>, Creative Commons licence: <>.


The Australian Ballet
– information about ballet, dancers and training

– alphabetical list of Ballerinas, Choreographers, Composers, Russian ballet, French ballet, British ballet

The Nutcracker ballet
– story and music


Image reference:
Aussiegall 2007, As Light as Air, photograph, Flickr, accessed 26 April 2013, <>, Creative Commons license: <>.