Personal and family histories

Exploring my family history
– unit of work and resources to support the Australian History Curriculum. From Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority

Present, Past and Future

Aboriginal seasonal knowledge calendars
– ecology of northern Australia represented in a series of calendars from six language groups in northern Australia. From CSIRO

Indigenous Weather Knowledge
– select a community to view its seasonal calendar. From Bureau of Meteorology

Present and past family life

when I was a kid

Exploring family life: my past, present and future
– unit of work and resources to support the Australian History Curriculum. From Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority

Feeding the family
– three sets of historical images based around family life – kitchens, milk, picnics. From National Museum of Australia

Games we played
– photographs showing children’s games in early 1900’s. From National Archives of Australia

Little history: toys and games
– teacher and student support materials as well as curriculum links from Museums Victoria

To be a child: childhood in South Australia
– information and photographs on themes: Board games, Children’s toys, Books, Gender in play and toys. From State Library of South Australia



Image reference:
Tonkin, R 2001, When I was a kid, illustration, Angus & Robertson, accessed 26 April 2013, <>.

Changing Technology

telephone ABC Splash!  video
–  video:  Visit a restored 19th Century cottage

ABC Splash!  video
–  video:  Cooking in the past and present

Household appliances timeline
– development of household appliances through 20th century. From National Academy of Engineering

My place
– explore how people, places and objects change over time. Based on book and television series. From ABC

Changing Technology

Technology at home
– changes in everyday technology in the home. From PBS
What is this? video
– six videos exploring different historical object – gramophone, typewriter, stereoscope, string bag, knucklebones, meat safe. From National Museum of Australia

Teacher Resources

Changing changes in technology: the past in the present
– Australian Curriculum Year 2 History sample assessment. From Queensland Studies Authority

My Place for teachers
– material to support teachers using the My Place TV series in the classroom. Includes clips and stills from the TV series, as well as teaching activities and student activity sheets. From ABC

Celebrations and Commemorations

simpsonANZAC Day
– on April 25th each year the men and women who have served our country in times of war are remembered. From ANZAC Day Commemorative Committee, Qld.

Australia Day
– history of Australia Day. Includes educational games and activities. From the National Australia Day Council

– explores celebrations in Australia, Asia and Europe. From ABC Splash

Community and Remembrance
– how and why do people choose to remember significant events of the past? iPad optimised interactive activity from Australian History Mysteries (password needed – ask at library)

National Sorry Day
– held on May 26th as a national observance to recognise the impact government policies on the Stolen Generation

Kaurna people

Kaurna place names
– information and maps of the traditional owners of the Adelaide Plains, South Australia. From Government of SA

Map of Kaurna lands
– map showing extent of the traditional territory of the Kaurna people. From Wikipedia

Place naming
– Kaurna names for parks around Adelaide. From Adelaide City Council


Image reference:
Yap, B 2006, Simpson and his donkey, photograph, Flickr, accessed 26 April 2013, <>, Creative Commons license: <>.

Navigators and Explorers


First contacts

First Contactcontact

First Fleet

First Fleetsail_ship_sm


Image reference:

ACT Special Education Students 2012, The Landing – Sydney Cove 26 January 1788, Painting, Flickr, accessed 24 October 2016, <>, Creative Commons license: <>.
Harrsch, M 2010, Details of British warships by Willem Van de Velde the Younger and John Christian Schetky, painting, Flickr, accessed 26 April 2013, <>, Creative Commons license: <>.

Early Settlement

Early settlementsailing ship
– early settlement of Australia


Jackie FrenchConvicts
– convicts in the early settlement of Australia

Gold Rush
panning for goldGold rush
– Gold Rush in Australia


ExplorersBurke and Wills
– early exploration of Australia
South Australia
William LightSouth Australia
– early settlement of South Australia

Migration in 1800s

Migration in 1800simmigrants
– migrant groups to Australian colonies



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Australia as a nation
– who were the people who came to Australia and why did they come?  Interactive activities from Australian History Mysteries (Password required – ask at library)

Human migration: Push and Pull factors video
– reasons people immigrate. From Justin Howard, YouTube

Journeys to Australia
– migrant journeys from 1850s – 2000s. From Museum Victoria

– immigrant communities in Victoria. Organised by country of origin and reasons for migration. From Museum Victoria

Federation and the People

opening of the first Parliament

– the story of Federation and the people who made it happen

Primary and Secondary Sources

Primary and Secondary sources
– video explaining the characteristics of primary and secondary sources. Uploaded by Rob Redmon


Australian Democracy and Citizenship

tent embassy

Collaborating for Indigenous rights
– the campaign for civil rights and land rights for Indigenous Australians. From National Museum of Australia

Freedom rides
– aim was to campaign against racial discrimination in country NSW. From National Museum of Australia

How have Indigenous people’s citizenship rights changed over time? video
– video explores reasons behind the 1965 Freedon Ride, 1967 referendum and the 1972 Tent Embassy. From National Museum of Australia

Indigenous Australians and the vote
– history of the Indigenous vote. From the Australian Electoral Commission

Vincent Lingiari
– the strike for better pay and conditions for Aboriginal stockmen. The Wave Hill walk-off. From ABC Splash

Image reference:
Langley, S 2012, Flying, photograph, Flickr, accessed 26 April 2013, <>, Creative Commons license: <>.

Roberts, T 1903, Opening of the first Parliament of Australia in 1901, Painting,Parliament House Art Collection, accessed 8 February 2015, <>.

Digital Curriculum Resources
National Digital Learning Resource Network
– selection of digital curriculum resources that are aligned to the history subject area of the Australian Curriculum. Search for these resources using Scootle. From Education Services Australia



Australian Curriculum Resources

ABC Spalsh

ABC Splash: Foundation – Year 6
– Watch, Listen, Play. History resources to support Australian Curriculum. From ABC

AC History Units
– units developed by the History Teachers’ Association of Australia to support teachers in the implementation of the Australian Curriculum

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and culture resources: History
– supporting the Australian Curriculum cross-cultural priorities. From Queensland Studies Authority

Aboriginal Resistance to Colonisation
– investigating 4 case studies at the National Museum of Australia

Australian Curriculum Lessons
– lesson plans created by Australian teachers

Asia Education Foundation
– inquiry units and resources aligning to the Australian Curriculum

Global Words
– units integrate the teaching and learning of English and global citizenship education.From World Vision Australia and the Primary English Teaching Association Australia (PETAA)

History mysteries
-inquiry learning case studies supporting the the Australian Curriculum – video, print and interactive content. From National Museum of Australia. Password required

National Museum of Australia
– units of work and resources to support the Australian Curriculum

P-10 History Sample Assessment Units
– units of work and resources to support the Australian History Curriculum. From Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority

Year 2 -Technology


Year 6 – Immigration

Making of Modern Australia: Child migrants from Britain  video
– how and why children from orphanages in Britain came to Australia after World War II. From ABC

Immigration resources
– collection of resources from ABC Splash

Refugees and Migration
– explores human dimensions of forced and voluntary migration. From World Vision Australia and the Primary English Teaching Association Australia (PETAA)

What impacts has immigration had on Australia?
– teacher resource. Covers themes: White Australia Policy, National identity and citizenship, ‘Populate or Perish’ philosophy, The economy and the environment. From National Museum of Australia

Year 4 – Explorers

Year 4 Explorers
– resources to support the Australian Curriculum. From Teacher Librarian Help