Early Settlement

sailing ship1860s Colonial Life
– resources from ABC Splash

Australian history timeline
– can be searched by decade, people and place. Resources include film clips matched with selected websites. Also shows world events of the time. From National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

Convicts and British colonies in Australia
– information about convicts, transportation and penal settlements in Australia

Establishing Australia’s colonies, 1788-1911
– maps with dates showing when colonies were developed. Created by Stephen Lane

Pioneering families of Australia
– story of early immigrants to Australia

Settlement of Sydney
– from Botany Bay to Sydney Cove. From History of Australia (1606-1876) by A & G Sutherland

Early Settlement

Why did Europeans settle in Australia?
–  find out why England decided to settle Australia and why the First Fleet sailed here in 1788 with more than 1000 convicts and marine guards on board.From Australian History Mysteries

Indigenous Resistance

Stories of Resistance
– stories of resistance: Yagan, Fanny Balbuk, Bilin, Bilin. From National Museum of Australia

Resistance Exhibition Virtual Tour
– select ‘Run Panorama’ to view the exhibition. Included 17 clickable hotspots and 4 activities. From National Museum of Australia

Representing Indigenous Australians in 19th Century Art video
– video showing artworks with information about famous Indigenous Australians: Augustus Earle ‘Bungaree, a native of New South Wales’ ,Benjamin Duterrau ‘Native taking a kangaroo’ 1837, D. T. Kilburn ‘South-east Australian Aboriginal man and two younger companions’ 1847, J. M. Crossland ‘Portrait of Nannultera, a young Poonindie cricketer’ 1854, Robert Dowling ‘Mrs Adolphus Sceales with Black Jimmie on Merrang Station’ 1855–56. From ABC Splash