Ancient Chinese Dynasties

Ancient China for kids
– describes the dynastic cycle and provides information on dynasties. From Lin Donn

Timeline of Chinese dynasties
– maps and information on Ancient Chinese dynasties. From Patricia Buckley Ebrey

Shang and Zhou Dynasties
– bronze age of China. From The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Chinese Emperors

Chinese emperors
– history of Ancient China’s Emperors and dynasties. From Absolute China Tours

Qin Shihuangdi
– contents: Rise to power — Ruling an empire — The image of a ruler — Life and legacy. From the British Museum

Terracotta Warriors

terracottaMausoleum of the first Qin Emperor
– description of this World Heritage site. Includes images, maps, video. From UNESCO

Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum
– discovery and description of the mausoleum site. From China’s Museum

Terracotta Warriors
– information on the Emperor Qin Shi Huang -Ying Zheng as well as a description and history of the Terracotta Warriors. From Global Mountain Summit

Terracotta Warriors: treasures of China
– explanation of why and how was the tomb built. From Imperial Tours